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India: Illnesses and Injuries


When traveling for a long time, especially in a developing country, illnesses and injuries are basically a given, and I was no different.

Over the course of the three months I was in India, I suffered from the following ailments:
– Severe food poisoning
– Tonsillitis
– A cyst
– Plantar Fasciitis
– Cuts and scrapes on both my knees, elbow and foot (which are scarring nicely)

I’m not kidding when I say I literally used EVERY part of my first aid kit and more, including six courses of antibiotics, all of my painkillers, an entire tube of antiseptic ointment and copious amounts of paracetamol, as well as the regular use of my thermometer, ace bandage, Imodium tablets and band aids.

In short, India kicked my ass. The only good things to come from these events were (hopefully) a stronger immune system, but more importantly, a few good stories :). In this part of my blog, I plan to share the more eventful moments of my ailments in the hopes that now, they can at least have some sort of entertainment value. Enjoy.

Side Note: If you ever go to India, don’t be scared. A significant part of these ailments were due to my own bad judgment (um, apparently you’re not supposed to jump out of moving transportation…) and I probably would have gotten sick less if I had eaten more Indian food (which they are excellent at preparing) and insisted less on Western food, which I ultimately prefer (one can only eat so much curry).