Travel Tip #1: Using Contact Cases to Store Toiletries


If you’re like me, soap and toothpaste just don’t cut it in the grooming department, but nobody wants to carry a bag of multiple toiletries on long-term trips.

For those travelers who *require* multiple products to be pretty everyday – this tip is for you! Check out how contact lens cases can be repurposed to store your favorite specialty toiletries without weighing down your luggage.

About EricaJHobbs

Erica J. Hobbs is traveler, writer and communications professional always up for adventure. In addition to her home state of Michigan, USA, she’s lived in Italy, England and Malaysia and spent a year backpacking across India, China and Southeast Asia. Originally a small-town girl, she is now a passionate Detroiter and loves exploring the latest events happening in the city. Along with travel, she loves musical theater and small, cuddly animals. For more information visit

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