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A Gleeful Circus


Having graduated from a university with one of the highest numbers of living alumni in the world, it’s no wonder this Michigan Wolverine ran into some of her fellow University of Michiganders while in China. In fact, several times…

Michigan Alum on the Great Wall

With a random Michigan alum I met on the Great Wall of China

But the most memorable occurrence was in Shanghai, during what ended up being a not-so-lonely trip to see the Shanghai World Circus, ERA-Intersection of Time. After arriving (and getting lost) at the subway stop, I headed toward the ticket office and, to my surprise, spotted a young man in a Michigan t-shirt. I immediately went up to him to ask him if he was a student, and as we began to chat, I noticed several other young men wearing Michigan t-shirts… 60, to be exact. It was the Michigan’s Men Glee Club on tour in China!

This might not be a big deal to most people, but aside from the fact that I always enjoy running into Michigan people while abroad, I LOVE singing boys. No seriously. I used to go to all the Men’s Glee Club and a cappella concerts when I was in college like a starry-eyed school girl.

So, being ever shy and humble, I asked them to serenade me. The next thing I know, 60 Michigan boys are singing Happy Birthday to me (six weeks early, but who cares?) amongst the few hundred-person crowd waiting to get into the circus. It was pretty awesome.

Michigan Men's Glee Club in China

Hanging out with the Michigan Men’s Glee Club at the circus in Shanghai!

Oh, and the circus was pretty good too. While I wasn’t able to take my own photos or videos of the performance, I do remember amazing acrobats and an incredible finale involving six motorcyclists riding around inside a metal cage! Luckily, the circus people have a trailer offering a pretty good snapshot of the show itself. Enjoy.