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Real Time Update – Transitions


After three months traveling India and two months writing about it, The India Project has officially come to a close.

India was definitely one of the most fascinating countries I’ve ever been to, and I hoped you enjoyed reading my adventures as much as I liked sharing them.

But now is time for change.

After spending the last two months writing and traveling in Malaysia, Thailand and Laos, I have now arrived in Myanmar (Burma) and hope to transition my blog to start writing again in current (non-retrospective) time.

I’m not quite sure what to expect from Burma. Infrastructure and the Internet will be more limited as I travel further into the country, so blogging regularly may be difficult. Furthermore, given the political situation, I may refrain from posting too much until after I’ve left the country on April 5. If this is the case, I may post some blogs on Laos and keep things on a delayed schedule. We’ll see how things go :).

As I move ahead, I may also change the format a bit of the blog. While I enjoyed writing my India stories, creating regular 2000+ posts while traveling at the same time is quite difficult time-wise. Instead, I hope to experiment with shorter, more frequent posts and/or more photo essays.

So as I move ahead, I hope you bear with my transitions. In addition to posts on Laos and Burma, I hope to also travel to China, Nepal and back to India for a yoga teacher training course and maybe other places as well. Only time and finances will tell :).

In the mean time, if you’d like to read The India Project from the beginning, you can start it here. Or, if you’d like to read about my move to Asia and my life in Malaysia right from the start, you can find my very first post here.

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That’s all for now, more adventures to come!